Providing a good customer service is key in business. But with so many companies competing for customers and wanting to stand out, it’s important to aim for the top.

So how do you make sure your business provides the best customer service experience? We look at some of the key things to consider.

Know your customers and your offering

Creating the best customer service experience starts with one important factor – knowing your customers. If you really understand your target audience – their profession, interests, dislikes, lifestyle, and what makes them tick – you can know what they want and need from your business. You can then provide a first-rate experience that’s right for them, from using the right tone in how you communicate, to providing the right customer perks.

You should also fully understand what you offer and the products or services you sell or provide. This can ensure you’re able to answer any questions your customers might have about your offering. It also ensures you’re able to provide the right advice or suggestions to help them make a decision with their purchasing.

Treat the customer well and train your staff

To provide the best customer experience, you should aim to always treat the customer well. It might seem like an obvious point, but in the hectic day-to-day running of a business it’s easy to forget about important things like this. This includes being friendly, showing them respect, being patient, not being argumentative, and saying thank you after each transaction your customers make. Little things like this can go a long way and encourage your customers to keep coming back and stay loyal to your business.

Treating your customers well should go hand in hand with your staff training. If you have employees, and you want your customers to be treated in a certain way, then you should train up your staff. For instance, they should know the right way to handle customers in different situations, such as those making enquires and those who have complaints. They should also confidently know things like your refund policies and the deadlines you have in place for responding to customers.

Fix your mistakes and be accessible

Mistakes can happen in any business. The important thing is to do your best to fix them. When coming across different issues in your business, you should aim to first solve those that will heavily impact your customers. This could include a problem with your website or a key supplier. You should also aim to provide a solution to keep the customer happy. If there is a problem with a product delivery, for instance, you could aim to offer the customer the next best available delivery date. Or you could involve a partial refund or a free purchase of their choice at a set cost.

When helping customers with queries and problems, you should also make sure you and your business are as accessible as possible. You should be responsive and reply to customers’ emails in good time and answer any questions they might have. If they have a problem, you should also keep them updated on what you’re doing to solve their issue every step of the way.

Do what you say and go the extra mile

There can be nothing more irritating than a company who doesn’t follow through on what it promises. So anything you state that you do in your business, in your shop or on your website, then you should do. If you say you respond to your customers’ emails quickly, then do. If you offer a guarantee on your products, then make sure you honour it. If you say you do free deliveries on items over £20, then make sure you do.

You should also think about going beyond what you say you do, and going the extra mile to keep your customers happy. This could include providing a personal service and rewarding loyalty, asking customers for feedback and listening to their ideas. The more you make changes to make your business better, according to what your customers want, the more they’re likely to keep coming back to you to buy your products or use your services.

Helping your business to provide the best customer service experience

Providing the best possible customer service experience should be one of your goals when running a business. But it can take time, money and effort to get your customer service up to scratch. This can also be risky when you’re a new company trying to build up a strong, reliable customer base, and a good reputation for yourself along the way.

This is where TradeFit can help, with our customer support services. This involves an experienced team that will go the extra mile in helping your customers, from taking customer phone calls to handling queries.

To learn more about these services, please visit our Customer Support page, or contact us to talk to a member of our team. Alternatively, request a free 14-day trial to experience how we can support your business.

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