Ecommerce can be a fast-paced and exciting industry to break into. It can provide businesses with a broader scope with no real limits on location – your sales area can be as wide as you like.

For any ecommerce business, success will hinge on the success of your sales platform. This will be how you sell your products and services and will play a big part in the way your website looks and feels for customers. Because of that, it’s important to give a lot of thought to the platform you use, so what should you keep in mind?


For ecommerce businesses of any size, one of the most important things customers will look for is a responsive and quick loading site.

If a customer comes to you looking to buy or research a product, but your site feels sluggish and takes too long to load each page, it’s not unreasonable to assume they’ll consider taking their business to a competitor instead.

Whichever sales platform you choose, speed should be a key factor in your decision. You should also make sure that you don’t neglect mobile browsing too. Make sure that your site is responsive and loads quickly on all devices.

Not all customers will buy through your website right away. However, a positive experience while browsing your site can encourage customers to complete their purchase at a later date by returning to your site or by visiting a physical store.

Positive user experience

While speedy loading is certainly vital, your ecommerce sales platform should also make your site easy and enjoyable to use for customers. For example, it should be easy for customers to browse through your range of products and make their way to different categories on your site.

A variety of images for your products is also important. Being able to better visualise a product can be the deciding factor for many customers when it comes to purchasing. A robust sales platform will make it easy for you to upload images for all your products.

You should also make sure that your sales funnel is short and to the point. Customers want to buy your products, so you should make it easy for customers to do so. For example, consider looking for some of these features, which can make the sales process more enjoyable and effective:

  • Integrated product ratings and reviews — For a brief look at how good a product is
  • Visible & easily-applied vouchers — Lets customers save money easily
  • No sales transaction fee — Some sales platforms include this, so it’s important not to add additional hidden costs to the sale.
  • Tracking & delivery information — Let your customers see their order progress quickly and easily.

Features like this can put you a cut above your competitors. You can provide both an enjoyable browsing experience and an efficient sales process that will keep customers coming back.

Easily managed and updated

The sales platform you use should focus on providing a positive experience to your customers. However, it should also be simple to use from the managerial side of the business.

Perhaps you’re looking to add a large amount of additional products to your site. This process shouldn’t be difficult, and some sales platforms will make it easier to manage than others. If any technical difficulties do occur in the process, a useful sales platform will make it easy to contact support for advice and guidance.

Many sales platforms are easily customisable. There are a lot of additional features and functionality that you can add through the inclusion of free or paid apps. What these apps do and how much they cost will vary between sales platform, so it’s important to look into what they can provide, and which works best for you.

An effective sales platform should also be able to automate certain aspects of your business. For example, automatically updating stock with each sale ensures sold out products are marked as such, meaning no frustration from customers only being told at the last stage of checkout. Abandoned cart emails are another important tool for ecommerce businesses. Your sales platform might let you chase up these customers after 24-48 hours with an automated email, helping reduce the amount of lost sales and bring additional income into your business.

Helping your ecommerce business succeed

It’s clear that there’s a lot to consider when it comes to finding the right sales platform for your business. However, taking the time to plan out what you need, and which is right for you will ensure a great sales experience for your customers every time.

That said, there’s more to ecommerce than the sales process itself. Providing a great sales experience alongside great customer service at every stage can be a fantastic way to develop a well-deserved reputation amongst your customers.

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